Bajan Roberta

Since I discovered the art of massage, I couldn’t stop. What I like about this job is that I can bring so much joy, balance, gratitude to those who choose me to be their therapist.

anna tsankova

My passion for beauty and wellness is my driving force to develop, research, and deliver results-focused treatments for more than 20 years. I believe in a holistic approach to skincare integrating a combination of modalities for the best possible outcomes. Advanced Face massage has been an integral part of my treatments and adds dimension to […]

Andrej Sulema

certified masseur, I have been doing massage for 2/3 years. I love this job because I like to help people

Awudi Atitsogbui

My Name is Awudi meaning protector of women and children. A graduate of the University of Legon, Ghana {Bachelor in Psychology and Teacher Traning } I grew up in a holistic healing, Osteopath, and medical practitioner family. After years of learning about herbs communication and healing. I travel to India, Kerela to study Ayurveda and […]

Rados Amalia Laura

For 10 years massage has become my biggest passion. It represents a part of me and the art of creating, connecting myself with my clients in an energetically, vibrationally and spiritually way has given me a feeling of wholeness. I wish myself success in this wonderful experience. Namaste🙏

Simona Negrila

I consider myself a lucky person because my job is also my passion. For me massage is an art and I am trying every day to became a better therapist. i love massage becasue it brings me a great satisfaction and it helps me to express myself.

Elena Tita

My career as a cosmetologist and my experience so far in working with people, showed me very clearly that we need gentleness, healing and acceptance, and massage can be the journey to beauty for mind, body and soul

Ioana cristina vaporidis

Hello! i am Cristina i have 18 years experience like Masage teraphist and 3 years like massage teacher. I love massage because was and îs like medicine for my soul.

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