Dr. Surasak Jittavisutthikul

“Whoever stops learning is the one who stops improving” I love Massage because it fulfills the feeling that I can at least help people to release their suffering from pain and stress.

Barabas Gergely

I had a lot of injury’s when I was competeing as an athlete, after a lot of rehabilitation I realized the benefits of the manual therapy and I dived deep in this domain. From that day I found my vocation by helping others to prevent them from injury, i work mainly with athletes but I […]

Carole Condamine

After starting my career in marketing, I decided to reinvent myself in wellness. So 15 years ago I went back to the school benches in order to pass an Aesthetics diploma and I did several training courses in massage. I felt in love with massage, then I bought plane tickets to get better expertise of […]

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