Bajan Roberta

Since I discovered the art of massage, I couldn’t stop. What I like about this job is that I can bring so much joy, balance, gratitude to those who choose me to be their therapist.

anna tsankova

My passion for beauty and wellness is my driving force to develop, research, and deliver results-focused treatments for more than 20 years. I believe in a holistic approach to skincare integrating a combination of modalities for the best possible outcomes. Advanced Face massage has been an integral part of my treatments and adds dimension to […]

Elena Tita

My career as a cosmetologist and my experience so far in working with people, showed me very clearly that we need gentleness, healing and acceptance, and massage can be the journey to beauty for mind, body and soul

Vladimir Paunov

Phisucal Therapist and Massage Therapist wit menu years of experience in a fild of different phiscal therapy and meni cosmetic- estetic massage techniques. I live and breath, massage!

Tamara Mihović

Beautician and massage therapist with many years of experience and research in antiaging techniques. Gold medal in the wellness category at the Balkan competition, bronze in the free style category in Sarajevo. She patented advanced rejuvenation system Lymph&Lift. Accredited trainer of cosmetic skills and face massages.

Jelena Cvijanovic

Magistar sportske medicine i diplomirani terapeut, zivi za svaki dodir i energiju jer to je sustina svakog postojanja.

Cristina Erhan

El masaje puede ser hermoso ,conectando y sanando . Depende qué artista esté tocando.

Monika Szczotka

I love working through the face on the nervous system because it gives freedom to the mind. Face massage, face reflexology is my passion. Psychosomatic massage, head acupressure, aromatherapy massage this is future on the word.

Matei Cosmina Florina

Ma numesc Matei Cosmina Florina sunt terapeut de 4 ani am ales aceasta meserie din pasiune de a ajuta persoane eu zic ca masajul este o artă! De-a lungul anilor am participat la mai multe cursuri pentru a ma dezvolta ,am participat la campionatul național de masaj am ales sa particip și la Europene pentru […]

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