Ioana cristina vaporidis

Hello! i am Cristina i have 18 years experience like Masage teraphist and 3 years like massage teacher. I love massage because was and îs like medicine for my soul.

Vladimir Paunov

Phisucal Therapist and Massage Therapist wit menu years of experience in a fild of different phiscal therapy and meni cosmetic- estetic massage techniques. I live and breath, massage!

Jánosi Attila

Hi,my name is Jánosi Attila I’m a believer in the life-changing power of massage. With 5 years of experience, I’m approaching this competition with an open mindset, I am excited to connect with other massage enthusiasts who share a passion for this field. My goal is to learn, grow, and take part in remarkable experiences.


Après une médaille de bronze au concours du Meilleur Spa praticien de France 2023 à Paris, je me présente au championnat d’Europe 2023. A tout juste 23 ans, je me lance ce nouveau défi!


My name is Elena Ivanova from Bulgaria. More than 7 years ago, inspired by the art of massage, I completed a course for masseurs. Then I specialized and trained personally with several profecional therapists, choosing to concentrate on wellness massage, aromatherapy and anti-cellulite massages. Last year i upgrated my level with Miofascial realease techniques level […]

Benita Bartoševičienė

I am face and body massage master. I work at a “SPA Vilnius” day spa in Vilnius. Also we have centers in Druskininkai and Anyksčiai. In “SPA Vilnius” we set high standards for quality of work and customer service. I’m glad to say, that this is the best spa center in Lithuania. I love my […]

Васильева Анна

Я одесситка ,что положительно влияет на мой характер. Я оптимист всегда и во всем.Также считаю себя эстетистом,люблю когда все гармонично и красиво. В массаже я относительно недавно, но точно надолго. Массаж это танец моей души, через массаж я проявляюсь в мир,для меня очень важно работать среди людей,а благодаря массажу у меня ежедневно происходит энергообмен с […]

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