Bajan Roberta

Since I discovered the art of massage, I couldn’t stop. What I like about this job is that I can bring so much joy, balance, gratitude to those who choose me to be their therapist.

Awudi Atitsogbui

My Name is Awudi meaning protector of women and children. A graduate of the University of Legon, Ghana {Bachelor in Psychology and Teacher Traning } I grew up in a holistic healing, Osteopath, and medical practitioner family. After years of learning about herbs communication and healing. I travel to India, Kerela to study Ayurveda and […]

Ioana cristina vaporidis

Hello! i am Cristina i have 18 years experience like Masage teraphist and 3 years like massage teacher. I love massage because was and îs like medicine for my soul.

Agnieszka Słonka

My name is Agnieszka, I started my adventure with massage while studying Physical Education, obtaining 4 degrees of therapeutic massage. Later, I gained further qualifications as well as practice in Poland and abroad. I am a masseur and chiropractor, which perfectly complements the whole therapy. I like working with people and the greatest satisfaction gives […]

Jeeranun Schaller

Jeeranun Schaller

I believe I born to be massage therapist because I am really happy to massage. I love massage because it can help to relief the pain and suffering from stress.

Tamara Mihović

Beautician and massage therapist with many years of experience and research in antiaging techniques. Gold medal in the wellness category at the Balkan competition, bronze in the free style category in Sarajevo. She patented advanced rejuvenation system Lymph&Lift. Accredited trainer of cosmetic skills and face massages.

Jánosi Attila

Hi,my name is Jánosi Attila I’m a believer in the life-changing power of massage. With 5 years of experience, I’m approaching this competition with an open mindset, I am excited to connect with other massage enthusiasts who share a passion for this field. My goal is to learn, grow, and take part in remarkable experiences.


Après une médaille de bronze au concours du Meilleur Spa praticien de France 2023 à Paris, je me présente au championnat d’Europe 2023. A tout juste 23 ans, je me lance ce nouveau défi!


I believe massage can change anyone’s life, a good massage therapist can bring health and can help you be your best version! I started my career when I was 16, I saw my mom doing massage and it was enough…now I finish my nurse school and hope I can level up the massage therapies! I […]

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