Ionut Gabriel Lihoaca

Gabriel is proud to be a part of the therapist/massage community, this has been his dream since he was just a boy and now it has finally come true. His focus is on relaxation massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue and more recently other therapies he loves such as: cupping, Thai massage and Lomilomi massage. He […]

Katalin Puskas

For as long as I could remember I wanted to join the medical profession but wasn’t sure in what field. I had a basic knowledge of what massage was, although I never expected to learn so much in this period of time. I have grown so much as a therapist by helping others. Lately, I […]

Rita Sainalic

I’ve been a therapist for 4 years and I absolutely love helping people with different disease & disorders

Nadine Stark Chognon

Le massage fait parti de ma vie depuis une trentaine d”année, et je suis toujours animée par la même passion, néanmoins je suis très heureuse de rencontrer des massothérapeutes de différents horizons, afin de voir l’évolution du métier, de stimuler ma curiosité pour les nouvelles techniques et de nourrir mon besoin d’apprendre, merci de nous […]