Zvika Shenkar

I have 16 years of experience I use multiple tactics my goals is to help my patients to heal from pain my slogan is life whiteout the pain


The touch gives me the energies to take care of people and therapy makes the mind and soul to heal

Doron Marom

When I do a massage I’m like dancing with my soul and feel the connection and bonding with the patient


Doar amor pelas mãos. O poder do toque é sobrenatural, percebi ao longo de minha experiência em Saúde, a importância do toque das mãos, que curam e principalmente quando se faz com amor e conhecimento técnico, desenvolvendo uma dádiva divina o poder da cura pelas mãos.

Yousry Abouseada

Simpatico mi piace sentire il russare del cliente che dorme mentre fa il massaggio ?

Dorin Peretz

Ever since I was a child I loved touch and I always massaged my family members until I came to engage in it after my car accident and during my recovery I realized I wanted to engage in it from a place of help and love for people who are in the process of recovery […]