Woralak Chootip

I work in Sweden with different kinds of massage and foot care. I am proud of myself for being able to help my patient’s different pain. Massage is the best way for help the people.

Phadcha Bamrungwong

My name is Phadcha but most people call me “Momo”. I come from Thailand and grew up in Germany. I got in touch with massage when I was 15 because I picked up the phone in my aunt’s Thai massage studio. The masseuses actually taught me Thai massage so I could massage them. Since then […]

Tatiana Obrc

My name is Tatyana, I am a massage master. I’m good at body and face massage techniques. It is my 4th year of practice already. I’ve learnt massage art in Ukrainian school MassageLab. Also my teachers are the champions of Ukraine and international championships. I participate in massage championships regularly from the very beginning of […]

Marita Ojeda Solorzano

I am a permanent resident I live 10 years in Norway of Peruvian nationality, born in the city of the Inca empire- Cusco. single mother of three beautiful daughters and a new member of the family our puppy. I work as a masseuse therapist with more than 20 years of experience. I love my profession […]

Bénédicte Armengaud

De formation toulousaine, je suis partie travailler à Bali, Paris en passant par le spa de l’Hotel de la Cité à Carcassonne. Je suis de retour sur Toulouse à l’institut Le 4 Mains. J’aime mon métier car j’adore le contact et l’échange avec les clients de par notre merveilleux sens: le toucher qui est pour […]


Doar amor pelas mãos. O poder do toque é sobrenatural, percebi ao longo de minha experiência em Saúde, a importância do toque das mãos, que curam e principalmente quando se faz com amor e conhecimento técnico, desenvolvendo uma dádiva divina o poder da cura pelas mãos.


I have discovered massage practice at the age of 40 and I felt in love with. I have started to practice firstly as for my pleasure. I have received several educations and certifications and starting from 2015 I propose professional massages. I am fully passionate with a massage. I am Ukrainian and I am located […]