Patrick Decraen

Reconverti aux pratiques de soins de mains depuis 2010, ma curiosité et ma soif d’apprendre ne fait que nourrir mon envie de partager. Chaque massage donné est une vraie thérapie aussi bien pour le patient que pour moi. Le massage me permet de m’épanouir professionnellement mais je ne soupçonnais pas l’impact que ça aurait sur […]

Sabah Arbia

The therapy of massage, well-being through touch, and plants, is a story that goes back long before I was born, coming from an Algerian Tuareg family in which a long line of women have erected massage as an art. My first master was my great grandmother with whom I lived part of my childhood and […]

Violeta Munteanu

I always loved massage and I was ”practicing” from when I was little in my family, but I discovered my passion for it  when I was a teenager and had an accident. At the time I was practicing Qwan Ki Do and I was preparing for the National Championship. One day, after a wrong  movement […]

Oana-Claudia Mosoiu

Oana-Claudia Mosoiu

Oana-Claudia Mosoiu is from Romania but has been residing in Belgium for the past 10 years where she runs her own well-being clinic. She originally graduated from the Florone Massage Academy in 2015 in Romania and since then has carried on developing her skills and knowledge by completing further training in Thai Massage, Ayurvedic, hot […]