Viktoria Kiss

My name is Viktoria Kiss, born in Hungary on 12.06.1978, but I live in Italy and I am dual citizens. I have a degree in marketing and economics. The first approaches to the world of massage I started in 99 ‘. the main studies are: Medical massage Fitness and reability Naturopathy and several holistic techniques! […]

Saverio Cassarà

since I started studying and practicing massage therapy, my greatest passion has always been to try to accommodate the person’s need for space, to give life to reconciliation with his body, through the technique and through the healing emotional experience. The techniques known so far maintain this aspiration.

Alberto Apostoli

Alberto Apostoli was born in Verona in 1968, graduating in Architecture in Venice in 1993 and at the same time studying and working in various European countries. In 1997 he founded Studio Apostoli, characterized by a multifaceted professional vocation, a consequence of his personal career. In 2006 he held his first personal exhibition in the […]

Riccardo Mentasti

Massoterapist, Olistic Researcher & International teacher of ayurveda massage and traditional indian curative treatments. In Italy I am co-founder of the Ayurveda Academy in Milan : AIMA AYURVEDA since 2002.

Sara Namias

“Armonia Muscolare” è la mia attività di massaggio sportivo e decontratturante. Vivo e lavoro a Caorso in provincia di Piacenza. La mia innovazione è la pratica della LEVITAZIONE in grado di permettere a gambe braccia e testa di sentirsi leggere e fluttuanti… Per un relax unico del corpo e della mente, utile a tutti soprattutto […]

Sandra Baglioni “Ehawee”

Romantic dreamer and joyful of life, in addition to being a massage therapist, I’m a Laughter Yoga Leader, Hata Yoga instructor, Sophrologist, Mindfulness Educator, learning to donate always something special.


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