Maria Paula Mendes

With 30 years of experience in the area of ​​Beauty, Health and Wellness. Currently residing in London. I am an articulate and extremely competent professional who uses my knowledge and experience to identify and satisfy patient/customer ‘ needs and objectives. From technician, to manager, consultant and professional trainer. I excelled in all of my previous […]

Maria Andreina Nunes Gomes

Amo a massagem porque é uma área vasta onde nunca parámos de aprender, podemos nos reinventar em cada corpo, em cada movimento, ser massagista é desenvolver uma arte, é quase como uma pintura onde naquele momento só existe eu, a minha tela e o melhor que irei fazer dela.

João Santos

Joao Santos - Massage Therapist

DRY MASSAGE PRACTITIONER Joao Santos is an international wellness consultant and a visiting practitioner who has been consistently developing his own dry massage practice. It is a rather exquisite performance that surpasses traditional massage. It blends several schools and different techniques that Joao has been exposed to during his long career as a body therapist. […]

Utkarsh Vyas

Working as Holistic massage therapist, offer various panchkarma treatments, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, bamboo massage. Based in Alentejo, Southwest of Portugal.