Tatiana Obrc

My name is Tatyana, I am a massage master. I’m good at body and face massage techniques. It is my 4th year of practice already. I’ve learnt massage art in Ukrainian school MassageLab. Also my teachers are the champions of Ukraine and international championships. I participate in massage championships regularly from the very beginning of […]


I have discovered massage practice at the age of 40 and I felt in love with. I have started to practice firstly as for my pleasure. I have received several educations and certifications and starting from 2015 I propose professional massages. I am fully passionate with a massage. I am Ukrainian and I am located […]

Julia Novikova

I am Yulia Novikova. I am 32 years. Masseur and assistant to Denis Demidov. I work with the face and body in the following techniques: Myolifting facial massage, Lipo-modeling body massage, relaxation massage. At the championship, I will represent Denis Demidov’s Myolifting Facial Massage technique, a unique massage technique that is a symbiosis of Spanish, […]

Viktoriia Bilousova

Massage is my passion! Experience of 10 years in cosmetology and 12 years of body massage. International massage teacher / basic Silver medal owner in World Championship in massage in 2021 Copenhagen (Wester inspired category) Owner of” Diva studio ” beauty massage school (Ukraine) Creator of “Total Lift” face lift manual massage technique. Speaker and […]

Tatyana Skorodilkina

I have been doing massage for two years, I own many techniques, an individual approach to the client, won the Ukrainian championship in the oriental techniques and tandem nominations.