Nomjai ( Jackie) Misselbrook

My name is Nomjai ( Jackie) Misselbrook. I am originally from Thailand, I’ve move to England in 2004 . I have been started training Thai massage in 2004 in Thailand Also training massage in UK I have qualification in a VTCT Level 3 . I am the therapist work at BanThai massage & Spa Ltd […]

Thatsawan ( NIKKI) Hofford

Nikki is the Director and owner of Ban Thai massage & spa Ltd. Also she works as a therapist at Ban Thai . She is qualified in VTCT Level3 in UK and also has trained abroad in Thailand and Germany . And assessors in VTCT

Anne Welch


Thai national with 26 years experience in Massage therapy, specialist in traditional Thai massage techniques. Bronze medal in Asian style 2019 world championship massage @ Copenhagen Denmark (June 2019)

Songbird Massage Wax

SongBird Logo

Songbird Naturals are a company from Somerset in the UK and we are the original manufacturers Massage Wax, Reflexology Wax, Fascial Release Wax and Liquiwax in the UK and Europe. They are beeswax based formulas and give an excellent grip and control over the muscle, with no spill or fuss and are Altogether Natural, made […]

Praphan Tangmanaphitham (Boycie)

My name is Boycie. I’m Thai national who living in London U.K. Massage is my passion. The competition is always bring amazing people together.

Jacques Humpich Poullard

Jacques H Poullard is the founder/director of Optimal Massage Therapy, which provides private and corporate Physical therapy services. He qualified in 2004 (London School of Remedial & Sports Massage) and qualified at UEL in Sports Science & Nutrition (weight management & Sports nutrition). Co-founder of Nomad Advanced Massage Coaching He also studied Traditional Thai Yoga […]