Practical Info

Who can participate

Open to all professional massage therapists in the world.

Location & Dates

Sala Transilvania, Sibiu, Romania
12 – 13 – 14 May 2023


Participation: 220€
Some discounts may be available in certain cases. 

Workshops: 90€ for 1 workshop | 160€ for 2 workshops

Official tshirt: 29€

Lunch: 7€ per lunch

Where to stay

We have special deals for our participants and staff in 2 hotels. 

Click here for hotel details

How To Come to Sibiu


Sibiu International Airport


Cluj airport + bus to Sibiu

Book your bus here:


Bucharest  Airport + train to Sibiu

Book your train here:


Bucharest Airport + bus to Sibiu

Book your bus here:


No. You will massage another participant. And you will be a model. 

International: if you are not European AND do work in Europe, then you must choose the International category 2 times. The list of European countries is here:

All other participants can choose 2 categories: either the same category 2 times, or 2 different categories. 

Full category details are here:

For your comfort we suggest to book your arrival for the 11 May and departure the 15 May 2022. 

If you are taking a workshop: 12 May 8:30am.

If you are not attending a workshop: any time on the 12 May, for check-in and badge.

May 15 or later if you want to visit beautiful Romania. 

Airport: Sibiu

By train: Sibiu

Exact address is: 

Sala Transilvania, Sibiu

The total time will be about 1h10mn.

This will include time to speak with your client and jury if you would like to explain your intentions. 

Yes. In fact, innovation is welcome and encouraged. In this case, choose the category which is dominant in your massage. 

We will provide you with table/chair/floor futon.

All the rest you must bring: towels, oils, tools, etc. 

  • European Massage Championship  2023 participation: 220€.
  • Workshops: 90€ for 1 | 160€ for 2
  • Official t shirt: 29€

13 May: you will give 1 massage and receive 1 massage

14 May: you will give 1 massage and receive 1 massage

14 May FINAL: if you are a selected finalist you give 1 massage

We think all massage therapists have something to show and it is a shame to come and not participate! But we are open to having spectators. 

This will put you under our insurance and help contribute to the event. 

Go to the menu: 

the “My Account > My Profile”

Or just click here:

– no refunds
– if you have an unused ticket, you can use it.
– in the future these tickets will not be valid
– we need confirmation of your visit before March 15th. Beyond this the ticket is not valid anymore.

Thanks 😁

We are a group of 7 founders who believe massage is one of the greatest things human beings can experience. Both when receiving and when giving.

As such, we are dedicated to helping great massage therapists get exposure and flourish in their careers. 

For more about us see our Facebook page:

Good news: just click the contact icon bottom left of this page. There are 7 of us, we are here to help. 


We are here!


Daliana Sandu

English // Romanian

Julien Elis

English // French // Spanish

Elvira Gentile


Tony Sandu

English // Romanian

Team Leaders

Pawel Lamparski

🇵🇱 Team Leader Poland

Ludovic Maire

🇫🇷 Team Leader France

Kshetra Bahadur Tamang (Suman)

🇳🇵 Team Leader Nepal

Mihaela Niculae

🇲🇹 Team Leader Malta

Juan José Ariet

🇦🇷 Team Leader Argentina – South America

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Registration deadline

1 May 2024

Options deadlines
15 April 2024
1 May 2024
20 May 2024