Riccardo Mentasti

Massoterapist, Olistic Researcher & International teacher of ayurveda massage and traditional indian curative treatments. In Italy I am co-founder of the Ayurveda Academy in Milan : AIMA AYURVEDA since 2002.

Marey El Hamouly

30 Years Massage Therapist and CEO of IMAS and : *President of the World Massage Council-WMC *Sugar and Spice Spa- Switzerland *Lamsana Massage and Manual Therapy – Switzerland *Founder and Teacher at the International Massage Academy of Switzerland (IMAS) *Teacher of NTM & HT at New Jersey International University Graduated From : *Certified Teacher NTM […]

Emil Elefterov

My name is Emil Elefterov from Bulgaria. Born in 06.05.1973y I am from Veliko Tarnovo, the old Bulgarian Capital. From 2016 year I finish educating and change the job like Cosmetology and Masuer Therapists. My teacher – Maria Jakob kinesitherapist 2018 second level of Miofascial release and 3 from 2019y / Tomas Maiers Тechniques for […]

Jeppe Tengbjerg

I am Jeppe Tengbjerg, the Founder and CEO of The International Massage Association. The International Massage Association (IMA) organize and arrange the World Championship in Massage Techniques in 2020 in Copenhagen. IMA also arrange in collaboration with TopSpaFest Massage teacher courses. The idea behind the International Massage Association was born in 2015, and created in […]

Nico Casartelli

Nico is a coordinator, social media manager for Massage World. She is passionate about the massage and wellbeing industry, and a researcher at Institut Pasteur. She is also the founder of ..3 and manages the oversight of video production and scenarios.

Julien E.

Julien is a wellbeing enthusiast and convinced that world conflict can be resolved with massages. He is also the founder of Massage World and the President of New Massage Association. He recently created ..3, a media company dedicated to helping wellness companies produce quality videos and websites for fair pricing.

Iulian Motoc

I’m Iulian Motoc, Founder of the Reflexovital Academy in Romania and President of the Association of Massage and Complementary Therapies I have been a therapist since 1997 and a trainer since 2014. I was jury in the World Massage Championship Copenhagen 2019 and at the European Championship in Spilamberto -Italy 2019. I led the Romanian […]

Dumitra Daliana

Daliana Dumitra

The art of massage came to me 2 years ago. My first contact with this world was Thai massage, which I learned and took it to the high level that I can reach in present. I realize that the therapies in massage are so developed and this path which I have chosen is unlimited. That’s […]