Brenda M Ruiz

I am highly passionate about massage/healing therapy. One of my goals is to improve peoples physical and mental well-being, and treat my clients/patients holistically. As an Instructor, my goal is to provide my students with the skills to make a positive change in the world, one person at a time and also provide them with […]

Phiane Duquet- Nhotpasa

Hi dear participants and judges of the New Massage Association, I am delighted to have the opportunity to meet you and learn from each others during the championship! For this friendly competition, I would like to pay tribute to France, my host country and the one of my family. Following the war in South East […]

Yousry Abouseada

Simpatico mi piace sentire il russare del cliente che dorme mentre fa il massaggio ?

Praphan Tangmanaphitham (Boycie)

My name is Boycie. I’m Thai national who living in London U.K. Massage is my passion. The competition is always bring amazing people together.

Violeta Munteanu

I always loved massage and I was ”practicing” from when I was little in my family, but I discovered my passion for it  when I was a teenager and had an accident. At the time I was practicing Qwan Ki Do and I was preparing for the National Championship. One day, after a wrong  movement […]