Antoine Bahrami

I’ve been massaging since was 5 years old. Never thought of practicing massage as a work I studied and worked in hotel industry for years. Just for my pleasure I kept training and learning about massage during my journeys across the globe. In 2018 I decided to quit the company I was working for and […]

Maria Bianco

I started with an evening course on Herbalism for Self Healing around 10 years ago.I always loved herbs and nature .As a little girl I always was helping my dad in the fields growing all kind of Mediterranean fruit and vegetables. After the Herbalism course I started studying for Holistic Massage Diploma and one course […]

Kinga Jenei

I love working with people and give treatments and discover new techniques and methods. I am known for my freestyle massage techniques and I teach IMA courses in Chair & Table techniques. I have been judging several National Championships as well as the World Championship in Massage.

Mihalache Marius Marian

I love massage because i like to work with people and to give them that moment of pleasure very well deserved!

Onuț Mihai

Hello there! Mihai Onut here – physiotherapist and massage therapist with almost 11 years of experience in this challenging field, both in the salon massage, fitness room, at the office or at home. My specialty is Swedish, but I also use to apply specific techniques like aesthetics massage, deep tissue, cupping, freestyle and sports massage. […]

Iuliana Victoria Tulvan

I am grateful for all energy arround me, I’ m in love with dance, and feeling massage is like a dance, if you feel the music you just dance. I am thankfull for everyone I met and touched…. for the lifetime learning.

Maseur Terapeut Aurel

Sunt un maseur cu o experiență de 4 ani, care dorește sa facă lumea sa înțeleagă : Ca masajul nu este o fiță ci o necesitate.

Pascal Mihaela

Hi my name is Pascal Mihaela, I’m a physiotherapist and a massage therapist from Romania and I have a massage salon in Timișoara City, where I work for about 2 and half years. I do therapies because I like to help people and to give them a smile after a long day at Work or […]