Iuliana Victoria Tulvan

I am grateful for all energy arround me, I’ m in love with dance, and feeling massage is like a dance, if you feel the music you just dance. I am thankfull for everyone I met and touched…. for the lifetime learning.

Viktoria Kiss

My name is Viktoria Kiss, born in Hungary on 12.06.1978, but I live in Italy and I am dual citizens. I have a degree in marketing and economics. The first approaches to the world of massage I started in 99 ‘. the main studies are: Medical massage Fitness and reability Naturopathy and several holistic techniques! […]

Rita Murauskiene

The first I would like to thanks for an invitation to be a special guest and judge in The European Massage Championship 2023. I was born in Lithuanian, but since 2002 I am living in Denmark. I have two high educations, the IT and Network engineer and Bachelor of Leisure Management. I was always interested […]

Alexis Brua

Massothérapeute et formateur ayant une formation spécialisée en techniques deep tissu .

Supa Albert

Hat mir Spaß gemacht weil ich viel neue Kollegen kennenlernen und ich liebe mein Arbeit, weil anderen Menschen helfen kann.

Sergey Petrov

President of the Non-Governmental Organization GL National Massage Movement Founder of GL National & International Championships 2018 – 2023 Director Senior Lecturer Founder of Lotus International Massage Academy since 2001. Education Ambassador for IMA- International Massage Association Education Representative of New Jersey University USA in Ukraine Representative of Thai Traditional Medical Society (Bangkok) Certified coach, […]