Miroș Cosmin-Ilie

Hello, i’m Cosmin, licenced physioterapist and tehnician masseur with 2 years experience in the field. I’m practice massage in north of Romania, Bucovina region in ilbamo massage team in many locations. We purpose is to earn and learn to become batter and better by time for our costumers tot become more healthy and to mantain […]

Onuț Mihai

Hello there! Mihai Onut here – physiotherapist and massage therapist with almost 11 years of experience in this challenging field, both in the salon massage, fitness room, at the office or at home. My specialty is Swedish, but I also use to apply specific techniques like aesthetics massage, deep tissue, cupping, freestyle and sports massage. […]

Ismail Ramic

A massage therapist working in the Hammam in Sarajevo. The passion for my work derives from helping other people and expressing myself while doing it.

Alexis Brua

Massothérapeute et formateur ayant une formation spécialisée en techniques deep tissu .

Marius Malarme

Avec une mère masseuse et un père Ostéopathe, le massage et le corps humain ont fait partie de mon quotidien depuis mon plus jeune âge et cela à toujours été une passion. C’est ce qui m’a permis en autre d’être parmi les 5 récompensés du championnat de France de Massage 2022. Mon souhait de participer […]

Perrine Clarisse

Passionnée du monde du bien-être depuis toujours, j’ai à cœur de partager ma bienveillance et ma douceur aux personnes le souhaitant. Un partage unique à chaque fois. C’est ce qui me plaît dans mon métier, chaque personne est exceptionnelle, chaque partage est un véritable cadeau.

Saverio Cassarà

since I started studying and practicing massage therapy, my greatest passion has always been to try to accommodate the person’s need for space, to give life to reconciliation with his body, through the technique and through the healing emotional experience. The techniques known so far maintain this aspiration.

Tamang Kshetra Bahadur

Namaste, My name is Kshetra Bahadur Tamang and I’m originaly form Nepal, curently I’m working in Everest Beauty And Spa in Romania as massage therapist for six months, is such a great pleasure to join this event in Nice. I have been working in this field for 10 years in different hospitals, hotels and resorts […]

Natasha Durand

Massage is my passion. I’m very lucky to be able to live my professional life with my passion. I’m Mauritian of Indian origin, all I’ve learnt is from my grandmother. Specialist of Ayurvedic Treatments since more than 10 years. Creation of the ‘Panchakarma Tratment’ for the spa menu. Massage is the art of giving wellness […]