Monika Szczotka

I love working through the face on the nervous system because it gives freedom to the mind. Face massage, face reflexology is my passion. Psychosomatic massage, head acupressure, aromatherapy massage this is future on the word.

Guillermo Marín Aguilar

El masaje considero que es el idioma de las manos, donde podemos trasladarnos a lugares inolvidables con sensaciones indescriptibles y sobre todo con este idioma universal seremos capaces de crear momentos únicos con quienes podemos compartir esta experiencia única. Compartir mi experiencia profesional es larga puesto que tras el camino recorrido en innumerables experiencias solo […]

Maria Melacarne

La mia via nell’arte del massaggio ha inizio all’età di 19 anni, quando mi sono avvicinata al Buddismo e alle filosofie orientali. Tra le varie tendenze di pensiero mi sono appassionata alle terapie alternative intraprendendo la scuola di Shiatsu presso l’istituto Europeo di Milano-Firenze(IES). Il corso prevedeva nei primi tre anni lo studio della Medicina […]


Je m’appelle Jennifer, j’ai 30 ans Esthéticienne et praticienne spa depuis mes 16 ans. Passionnée par le bien-être que je peux apporter à mes clients chaque jour .

Garnier François-Xavier

Passionné depuis longtemps par le développement personnel, issu du milieu sportif, j’ai choisi l’univers du massage parce que pour moi c’est une porte d’entrée vers l’être. J’explore différentes approches de travail que j’essaie d’ajuster à la personne, tout en le posant sous une forme artistique, voir mystique….!

Tukta Chaplik

I always loved the massage and wellness world and started a few years ago with a Thai Massage course in Switzerland. It became very quickly obvious to me that I really loved to enter this profession. From that moment on I became an avid learner and did not stop to learn and apply all this […]

Marey El Hamouly

Marey has been in the massage and spa therapy industry for nearly 35 years. He is registered with the Empirical Medicine Switzerland and is the founder and director of Sugar & Spice Spa, the International Massage Academy of Switzerland (IMAS) and he is the president of the World Massage Council WMC. He has been trained […]

Caty Cissoko

My name is Caty Cissoko and I am French massage champion 2018, in 2019 I participated in the world championships In Copenhagen. I live in Lambersart in the Lille region in the North of France. Well-being has always been my passion, and after 20 years in luxury real estate I converted to aesthetics and massage […]

Violeta Munteanu

I always loved massage and I was ”practicing” from when I was little in my family, but I discovered my passion for it  when I was a teenager and had an accident. At the time I was practicing Qwan Ki Do and I was preparing for the National Championship. One day, after a wrong  movement […]