Simona Radu-Morgan

I began the journey of discovering the value of massage 30 years ago by traveling the world and training in different countries. I have a holistic & intuitive approch to addressing imbalances or diseases to provide comfort and relief to those who are hurting emotionally or physically. Massage is my passion & I trained LMT […]

Maria Paula Mendes

With 30 years of experience in the area of ​​Beauty, Health and Wellness. Currently residing in London. I am an articulate and extremely competent professional who uses my knowledge and experience to identify and satisfy patient/customer ‘ needs and objectives. From technician, to manager, consultant and professional trainer. I excelled in all of my previous […]

Sadbhawna Bhardwaj

Ayurvedic traditional Indian physician (vaidya), naturopath doctor, International teacher of Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine (MTA) and massage treatments, pranayama and yoga trainer for pregnant women. I love massage because I believe it promotes wellness and balance body, mind and soul.

Riccardo Mentasti

Massoterapist, Olistic Researcher & International teacher of ayurveda massage and traditional indian curative treatments. In Italy I am co-founder of the Ayurveda Academy in Milan : AIMA AYURVEDA since 2002.

Candy Saccoccio

I used to get massages. I passed my diplomas in London and I also trained in Asia. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years . Touch connects us to each other. It causes an immediate reaction in the guest’s brain. I have an holistic approach to balance and achieve the homeostasis of […]

Maria Melacarne

La mia via nell’arte del massaggio ha inizio all’età di 19 anni, quando mi sono avvicinata al Buddismo e alle filosofie orientali. Tra le varie tendenze di pensiero mi sono appassionata alle terapie alternative intraprendendo la scuola di Shiatsu presso l’istituto Europeo di Milano-Firenze(IES). Il corso prevedeva nei primi tre anni lo studio della Medicina […]

Kinga Jenei

I qualified first a therapeutic massage school in Romania, then I continued other massage specializations in Hungary and France. In all these 3 countries, I played as a professional volleyball and I worked with my own clientele or for different Hotels and Spas. As a former high-level volleyball player, I have been massaged many times. […]

Jacques Humpich Poullard

Jacques H Poullard is the founder/director of Optimal Massage Therapy, which provides private and corporate Physical therapy services. He qualified in 2004 (London School of Remedial & Sports Massage) and qualified at UEL in Sports Science & Nutrition (weight management & Sports nutrition). Co-founder of Nomad Advanced Massage Coaching He also studied Traditional Thai Yoga […]