Bojan Miric

bojan miric

I was born in the City NIS in SERBIA where I began to learn massage. For 15 years I built my own experience with teachers from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Thailand and China. With big wish for new knowledge, will be my big pleasure to meet all therapist and be part of this championship. The […]

Ioan Romeo Tudorache

Romeo Tudorache

My name is Romeo Tudorache and I am licensed in Kinetotherapy and Special Motricity. My experience as a therapist is over 10 years, but what is more important is that…. I Love This Job! Why? For the love of people. I promote Well being in general, the idea that health care should be a first […]

Daniel Nowozeniuk

Damien Leszczynski

Daniel is a Master of Science in physical Education and Sport specialized in manual rehabilitation therapy and neurological spine issues. He has gained vast experience with over 22 years of manual and complimentary therapy methods. Searching for different cultures and approaches to massage, he trained and practice healing in monasteries in Bhutan, Poland and China. […]