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-------- Postponed to 2021 ---------

-------- September 25-26-27 ---------

9 August 2020 update
Dear friends, 

Due to the difficulty of European and international travel, we have postponed the European Massage Championship to 2021.

April 2020 update
Dear friends, 

In light of the coronavirus propagation, we are, like so many other events in the world, obliged to change the date of the event. 

We took our decision based on

Safety of our participants
Considering the speed of propagation, It would only take 1 virus carrier to pass the virus to several others during the event. Although it is unlikely, the risk does exist. 

Practical constraints of our participants
Many of our participants will have trouble traveling during these dates: either coming to Nice or going back to their country. Or both. 

French imposed regulations
We are currently at a stage 2 set of restrictions. This permits us to do the event. however, the authorities have recently announced we will soon go into stage 3. This will prohibit any gatherings, strongly limit traveling capability, and overall constrain the country. 

In these conditions, we consider that even if we could legally carry out the event, it would be strongly negatively impacted by the situation. 

As such, we have taken the decision to postpone the European Massage Championship to September 25 to 27. 


Is the registration deadline changed? 
Yes: you have until Spring 2021 to register.

Register here

Is my ticket still valid for 2021?  
Yes. Let’s meet up safely in 2021! 

Is the price changed? 
The price in 2021 will change. But if you keep your 2020 participation ticket, there is no extra.

Are the workshops maintained?
The exact program is to be determined, but yes we will have workshops.