The European Massage Championship is postponed to spring 2022

Dear friends, massage therapists, teachers, and massage lovers.

We have decided to postpone the European Massage Championship to the spring of 2022.

We took this decision based on several factors. 

First, people must be able to join us in France for the event. In the current climate, and although the restrictions are slowly being lifted, it remains complicated for many to travel.

Why not do it later in the year? 

Our location is a beautiful castle, and it is difficult to heat. It must be during late spring or summer.

Also, there are other massage events and we want to respect the yearly calendar of National > European > World. We strongly believe these events must make sense for those who participate.

Why didn’t you do an online/zoom version?

This was the most difficult question; and I will be open with those who are reading. We could have done it, but it would have been more for us than for you, the therapist. We could sell tickets, create some income for the association. But we wondered what was the best thing for you, the therapist, the participant. And we asked these questions: will we be able to judge well? Will we be able to provide a fun experience we we all learn and benefit from the knowledge of others? Can we make a memorable experience for everyone?

The association – all of us, Elisa, Daliana, Nico, Elvira, Daniele , Roberta and myself, voted. And we decided that it was not good for you, the participants, to have an online event. There would be too much loss of the real important aspect of a championship. While we respect those who have decided to do an online championship, we feel that we want to offer the full experience.

And trust me, my heart was broken. I looked forward to this for so long that pushing it down another year was terribly hard. But it is the best thing to do.

What happens to my entry ticket? 

All tickets are valid for next year’s event.

For those who want a refund, we will issue them until August 31st. Please consider that it is in everybody’s interest to keep their ticket. For you, because the price will go slightly up next year. And for us, because this enables us to have minimal funds to begin next year’s organization. But we want to be fair, and those who need a refund can have it, just by letting me know.

So, what’s next?

Well, we will organize a wonderful event for you, our friends, our colleagues, our fellow massage therapists. If all goes well, it should be in the wonderful castle of Villeneuve Loubet, thanks to our friend Alexis Brua.

We will once again reunite people from all over the world, in a common passion for massage and in a celebration of friendship and companionship.

We want to wish you a wonderful summer,

Best to all of you,

NewMA President

PS: Your site membership

Your membership to the site, which enables you to have your beautiful profile, stays active as long as you are registered for the championship. You can see and update it here: