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My name is Al Poliarco, and I am the founder and owner of Barefoot Hands Bodywork. As a certified practitioner and authorized instructor of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, I specialize in a unique massage culmination I call Gravity Bodywork+. With years of experience and a graduation from the East West Healing Arts Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, USA (, I offer a range of massage and bodywork services.

Gravity Bodywork+ is my signature approach to healing, blending Eastern and Western modalities. It incorporates a creative methodical fusion of barefoot-oriented massage techniques, including Ashiatsu-Deepfeet Bar Therapy, Ashi Thai Bodywork, Deepfeet Silks, Chavutti Thirumal, Aerial and Restorative Ashiatsu, and Shoshin Shiatsu.

My most recent barefoot massage inspired technique I developed is called ASHI SUTRA. It is a two day 16 hour continuing education in learning the art of utilizing therapeutic ASHI-compression & flowing series of THREAD-stretching bodywork.

To ensure client safety and provide balance and support, I use overhead parallel bars, ropes, and aerial yoga threads or fabric.. The “+” symbolizes the integration of additional traditional Eastern and Western massage modalities, such as MediCupping Therapy, Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, Swedish Massage, Tui Na, Guasha, yoga stretches, and adjustments, based on client requests and my professional judgment.

By combining various bodywork techniques and modalities, I cater to the complex and diverse needs of my clients. I firmly believe in addressing the whole self, acknowledging the profound connection between the body, mind, and spirit. While my practice may seem purely physical from an external perspective, it serves as a conduit for connecting with my clients and students. It allows me to create a space where clients can find stillness and inner healing, and where students can embrace a more dynamic approach to traditional and innovative bodywork techniques.

Originally hailing from the Philippines and now residing in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, I consider both countries my home. I will be participating in June of 2024 at the World Championship in Massage in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am looking forward to participating in the 2024 European Massage Championships. I would proudly represent the United States and the Philippines in both events, which hold deep personal significance for me.

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Al Poliarco

Al Poliarco

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