Candy Saccoccio

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I used to get massages.
I passed my diplomas in London and I also trained in Asia. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years .
Touch connects us to each other. It causes an immediate reaction in the guest’s brain.
I have an holistic approach to balance and achieve the homeostasis of the body and the mind for a complete wellbeing of the invidual as a whole.
In my career, I have been treatment manager and lead therapist for luxury 5 stars hotels: Four Seasons, Aman, The Connaught(Maybourne group ),Baglioni.
I deliver personalized, tailored massages and facials .
My skills come from my past as an high level athlete and professional ice skater,a mix of different technics from Europe and Asia, LQA and Forbes.
I have trained and shared that knowledge to teams of 5 star hotel therapists.
I am now sharing my time between Holistic Wellness Excellence by CS (London,Geneva) and France at Villa La Coste (Palace,5 stars hotel)

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Candy Saccoccio

Candy Saccoccio

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Euro Massage Masterclass Day 2024

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