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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of European Massage Championship.

I am Chananchida Waschke/ 11 Medals Winner – 3 gold, 5 bronze and 3 silver Medals from 4 countries at the International Massage Championships in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Romania. Besides, I own an Iconic Thai Massage Salon Royal Chao Praya Thaimassage & Spa in the heart of Berlin, Germany

-I started my Massage Championships in 2022 at International Massage Association Germany in Munich, it was my first competition, but nevertheless I won Silver Medal in Wellness Massage Category

These Successes inspired me a lot. They keep pushing me forward to achieve my Goals!.
-In April 2023 I took part at German Global Massage Championship in Munich and I won gold Medal in Thai Massage, and silver Medal in Eastern Freestyle Category.
-In July 2023, I joined the World Association of Nuad Thai & Spa Massage Championship in Frankfurt, I won Bronze Medal in Thai Massage for Health.
-At the early of October 2023, I also won Bronze Medal at the Wold Association of Nuad Thai & Spa Massage Championship in Zürich Switzerland. I keep going to reach my destiny.
-At the end of October 2023, I was invited to joined Japan Massage Championship in Tokyo. It is faraway from home, but I wanted to prove myself, I decided to take this Championship in Tokyo and I won Bronze Medal in category Thai Massage for Health again.I am so grateful for these Rewards and I never gave up on my dreams!.
-In November 2023, I took part at the International Massage Championship in Sibiu Romania and I am Gold Medal Winner in Thai Massage and Silver Medal Winner in Category Eastern Freestyle. It was History for me to win this Victory!

-In this Year 2024 at the early of March, I joined Switzerland Massage Championships in Zürich. My experience has led me to be a Champion today. I won Gold Medal in Thai Massage and Silver Medal in Eastern Freestyle Category.
I am very proud of myself. I am thought more than I could be. I work hard on it and when I fall down, I always pick myself back up. I believe in myself, in everything and in everyone. Go for it, one day you will reach your dreams.

My Vision is not only develop my skills and experience, but also to promote Thai Massage-World cultural Heritage to international level which I proud of it and I proud to be in this History competitions, European Massage Championships in May. I will Perform Nuad Thai (Thai Massage) and Eastern Freestyle Massage.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Rome!

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Chananchida Waschke

Chananchida Waschke

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