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Hello 👋
My Name is Lavinia kahuna .I am from Romania and I have 13 years of massage experience
☑️ I am first Romanian therapist to introduce in Romania the technique of Himalayan salt massage in the National Massage championship 2019 . Following the technique I inspired an entire country to teach the technique in major Romanian Associations but also as a technique offered to Romanian clients by techniques in their own SPA
☑️ I am the Author of a Book called ” THE CELLULITE where I talk all about women’s issues about the unsightly apperance of the SKIN called cellulite. I present the technique that defines MADEROTHERAPY , where I explain working methods and tools
☑️ I am the creator of the First ORIGINAL TOK-SEN TOOL instrument in Romania that is made of 100% original Tamarind wood and reproduces the sound . vibration and weight of the instrument s created by Buddhist monks in the Temple of Thailand
☑️ I am only Romanian therapist to hold 8 professional 4k resolution videos , one of them winning a silver medal 🥇 in Latin America – Holistic Wellness category and the Award 🏆 for the Best massage video production and another clip brought me the title of IMA .
☑️ Ambassador International Massage Association
☑️ I am the holder 2 years in a Row of the Awards for Best Table Creativity and Best Set-up obtained within the National championship in the WELLNESS category
☑️OVER the years I have participated in International championships , National Championship and many congratulations and International events that had the theme of Massage

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Lavinia Kahuna

Lavinia Kahuna


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