Phiane Duquet

NewMA Member, NewMA Teacher

Phiane is the founder of Spa Phiane Inc ® to highlight schools, 5-star Resorts and Spas around the world with signature education program to elevate the wellness standard and guests experience.

– Phiane Duquet is the first IMA APROVED ADVANCED TEACHER. Winner of the IMA Teacher contest in 2020 for her presentation of the course of KOBIDO®.
– 6 times world medalist at IMA world championship in Massage and the online Massage World Cup in Face and wellness Categories in 2021 (one gold FACE, one silver WELLNESS, 2 bronze FREESTYLE ASIAN INSPIRED, AND OVERALL WINNER), 2022 (one silver FACE), and 2023 (one silver FACE).
– Canadian Top Innovative Spa Treatment Awards by Leading Spas of Canada 2022.
– Head judge at The Canadian Massage Championship 2022 at Le Championnat Canadien de Massage LNE.
– Nominee as top Best Spa in America 2021 by The World Spa & Wellness Excel London.
– Nominee as top Spas Leader of the Year 2022 by The World Spa & Wellness Excel London.
– International speaker on wellness through self-massage and ritual meditation of the heart.
– La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L’oeuvre de beauté® is accredited by the government of Canada as new innovative massage technique for continuing education.
– The school Spa Phiane Inc and La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L’oeuvre de beauté® is recognized by Massage therapy associations of Quebec and Canada as accredited school.
– The education mission of L’oeuvre de beauté® is to pass down the legacy of the ancestral heritage from my family and masters.

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Phiane Duquet

Phiane Duquet

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