Rita Murauskiene

NewMA Special Guest, NewMA Jury

The first I would like to thanks for an invitation to be a special guest and judge in The European Massage Championship 2023.

I was born in Lithuanian, but since 2002 I am living in Denmark. I have two high educations, the IT and Network engineer and Bachelor of Leisure Management.
I was always interested to help people but it took me time to find me the right way but I found my way and I am a massage therapist from  2016.

I love massage not only because I like to help people to be more healthy but because with a special touch I can help to change their lifes. As I love massage I also love to teach, to share me knowledge and beliefs what we all together can create the better world.

So little bit more about me.
I have my own clinic Aveda massageklinik in Denmark and The International Center for Event and Course. From 2018 still now I am teaching Bamboo massage, chair massage and Facial massage in the Tengbjerg Massage School in Denmark and in Lithuania. As well I am teaching Bamboo massage online.
I am mostly working with clients with injuries, a pain problem but I am also doing wellness massage, bamboo, ayurvedisk, Thai massage, face massage, chair massage and Reiki healing.

In 2019, 2020 and 2021 I won gold medals in Wellness massage and Freestyle category and a gold medal in the final Danish championship.

In 2021 I won a silver medal in Chair massage category in The World Championship of massage.

From 2019 IMA approved judge and from 2021 I am IMA teacher.

I was participating as judge in Romania Championship of massage in 2019, 2021 and 2022. In the 2022 I was also judge in The Danish massage championship, in The Baltic Massage Championship and in The World Massage Championship in Denmark.

I am active in my town and I am working voluntary in town and tourist association. In 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 I was the first to organise the World Wellness Weekend in Denmark. I am Ambassador of World Wellness Weekend in Denmark. In 2022 I was also helping to arrange this event in Lithuanian.

As well in 2022 April, I was one of organize of The Baltic Massage Championship in Lithuania. We are also organising the Baltic Massage Championship in Lithuania in 2023.
I am looking forward to see all great therapists in The European Massage Championship.

Best wishes Rita

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Rita Murauskiene

Rita Murauskiene

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