Vlad-Antonius Sandu

Organiser of EMC 2022; University teacher in the sports category; Involved in the sports world as a basketball referee; Eager to help growing the European Massage Championship and NewMA.

Roberta Valerio

My name is Roberta Valerio, I acquired the national diploma of Wellness Operator at Ayuraura A.S.D. In Piedmont, my native land. After years of life conditioned by the system and by the origins, thanks to the world of HOLISTIC and WELL-BEING I woke up, through massage I became aware of the messages that my body […]

Nico Casartelli

Nico is a coordinator, social media manager for Massage World. She is passionate about the massage and wellbeing industry, and a researcher at Institut Pasteur. She is also the founder of ..3 and manages the oversight of video production and scenarios.

Julien E.

Julien is a wellbeing enthusiast and convinced that world conflict can be resolved with massages. He is also the founder of Massage World and the President of New Massage Association. He recently created ..3, a media company dedicated to helping wellness companies produce quality videos and websites for fair pricing.

Elvira Gentile

Elvira Gentile, ROME, ITALY: – international massage teacher, -congressor of his own massage techniques in ARGENTINA and PARAGUAY and in the various most important beauty fairs in Italy, -Massage teacher in Italy with her academy and in various countries of South America, Ukraine, Romania , Switzerland.. – vice president of the “NEW MASSAGE ASSOCIATION” organizer […]

Dumitra Daliana

Daliana Dumitra

The art of massage came to me 2 years ago. My first contact with this world was Thai massage, which I learned and took it to the high level that I can reach in present. I realize that the therapies in massage are so developed and this path which I have chosen is unlimited. That’s […]