Sadbhawna Bhardwaj

Ayurvedic traditional Indian physician (vaidya), naturopath doctor, International teacher of Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine (MTA) and massage treatments, pranayama and yoga trainer for pregnant women. I love massage because I believe it promotes wellness and balance body, mind and soul.

Riccardo Mentasti

Massoterapist, Olistic Researcher & International teacher of ayurveda massage and traditional indian curative treatments. In Italy I am co-founder of the Ayurveda Academy in Milan : AIMA AYURVEDA since 2002.

Isabelle Jan

I’m an integrative therapist, intuitive massage therapist, healer, teacher. I’m specialized in Wellness & Self-care. I spent over 18 years in the health and wellness field. Started in the medical field with nurse studies, I continued on the preventive path of health & wellness. Building a career internationally, I worked with prestigious companies from many […]

Natasha Durand

Massage is my passion. I’m very lucky to be able to live my professional life with my passion. I’m Mauritian of Indian origin, all I’ve learnt is from my grandmother. Specialist of Ayurvedic Treatments since more than 10 years. Creation of the ‘Panchakarma Tratment’ for the spa menu. Massage is the art of giving wellness […]

Philippe Boully

J’ai commencé a m’intéressé il y a de nombreuses années au Bien être et ma rencontre avec l’univers du massage a eu pour effet de changer fondamentalement l’orientation de ma vie. J’en ai fait un métier, une passion, un art, une source d’inspiration pour mon évolution. Après tout ce temps, la motivation, l’envie de pratiquer […]

Candy Saccoccio

I used to get massages. I passed my diplomas in London and I also trained in Asia. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years . Touch connects us to each other. It causes an immediate reaction in the guest’s brain. I have an holistic approach to balance and achieve the homeostasis of […]

Brenda M Ruiz

I am highly passionate about massage/healing therapy. One of my goals is to improve peoples physical and mental well-being, and treat my clients/patients holistically. As an Instructor, my goal is to provide my students with the skills to make a positive change in the world, one person at a time and also provide them with […]

Maria Melacarne

La mia via nell’arte del massaggio ha inizio all’età di 19 anni, quando mi sono avvicinata al Buddismo e alle filosofie orientali. Tra le varie tendenze di pensiero mi sono appassionata alle terapie alternative intraprendendo la scuola di Shiatsu presso l’istituto Europeo di Milano-Firenze(IES). Il corso prevedeva nei primi tre anni lo studio della Medicina […]

Joel Savatofski

Masseur-Kinésithérapeute diplômé d’État, maîtrise de psychologie, enseigne son savoir-faire aux soignants, aux professionnels du corps (esthéticiennes, coiffeurs, professeurs de gym),aux danseurs (chorégraphie de danse massage), aux acteurs sociaux (éducateurs, assistantes sociales…). Créateurs de nombreuses réalisations inédites, le stretch-massage®, le massage assis, les massages minute®, les ateliers « jeux-massage » à l’école, etc…) “Touche-à-tout”, pédagogueoriginal, expert […]

Thippawan Noree

Thai National with more that 18 years experience of therapy. Received a Gold Medal from 2019 World Championship Massage Copenhagen, Denmark – June 2019 Professional Local Practitioner at Sharq Village Spa Rizt Carton Doha, Qatar – 2014 to present Regional Trainer at Six Senses Spa Doha, Qatar, 2010-2014 Certified Yoga Instructor from Jeevmoksha Institute Certified […]