Rita Murauskiene

The first I would like to thanks for an invitation to be a special guest and judge in The European Massage Championship 2023. I was born in Lithuanian, but since 2002 I am living in Denmark. I have two high educations, the IT and Network engineer and Bachelor of Leisure Management. I was always interested […]

Aleksandra Ilic

Graduated at the Medical college in Belgrade.After 17 years of the work experience I opened my own beauty salon.Participated in many competitions as a judge.

Supa Albert

Hat mir Spaß gemacht weil ich viel neue Kollegen kennenlernen und ich liebe mein Arbeit, weil anderen Menschen helfen kann.

Sergey Petrov

President of the Non-Governmental Organization GL National Massage Movement Founder of GL National & International Championships 2018 – 2023 Director Senior Lecturer Founder of Lotus International Massage Academy since 2001. Education Ambassador for IMA- International Massage Association Education Representative of New Jersey University USA in Ukraine Representative of Thai Traditional Medical Society (Bangkok) Certified coach, […]

Eric Darves-Bornoz


Depuis plus de 40 ans, Eric DARVES-BORNOZ, a axé sa recherche sur la connaissance de soi: les arts martiaux, le hatha yoga, le taï chi chuan, le Qi gong, le Jiseï do, les thérapies comportementales, les élixirs floraux, l’aromathérapie, la P.N.L. ont jalonné son parcours à la recherche du bien-être. Ceinture noire 5ème Dan de […]

Armando Negrón

Soy Armando Negrón de Puerto Rico y actualmente resido en los Estados Unidos soy Terapeuta de Masaje Licenciado en Puerto Rico y los Estados Unidos con 20 años de experiencia en la industria del masaje, algunas técnicas de masaje en las que me especializo es en masaje deportivo, cupping massage, stretching massage, masaje terapeutico enfocado […]

Alberto Apostoli

Alberto Apostoli was born in Verona in 1968, graduating in Architecture in Venice in 1993 and at the same time studying and working in various European countries. In 1997 he founded Studio Apostoli, characterized by a multifaceted professional vocation, a consequence of his personal career. In 2006 he held his first personal exhibition in the […]