Fun Massage, les massages-minute

Les préalables. Environ 15’ Pourquoi l’anti-stress massage ? historique, intérêt. 15’ L’appui-massage (debout). 10’ La manoeuvre anti-stress express ou « le plus court massage du monde » (debout). 10’ Le Massage anti-stress minute ou « Massage assis minute® » MAM sur chaise – (détente du haut du corps). Environ 60’ Pause. 10’ Présentation de la […]

East meet West in FreeStyle Massage

The principal and benefits of combining Western & Eastern soft tissue work using innovation and adaptability – 5 min Nomad Advanced Massage Coaching video demonstration (WeTransfer to be sent the week post championship) – 15 min Posterior and anterior shoulder girdle moves, soft tissue work & stretches – 30 min Practice session 1 (Switching/taking turn) […]

Body Mechanics & Body Posture in Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage Principles

Meet&Greet…Present yourself,Informations about H&S,Ground Rules and introduction to the topic of the session  10 min (Body Mechanics and Deep Tissue) 15 min Students will be introduced to the learning outcome (theory) 75 min Break 10 min Students will start to practice with a following up of Teacher 70 min Students feedback on the session. Thanks […]