LOMI LOMI O MASAJE HAWAIANO “DANZA DEL MASAJE” -Dancing massage by Guillermo Marín Aguilar

The “Lomi Lomi” massage, Hawaiian or “massage dance”, is a deep, fluid, rhythmic massage that uses both the hands and forearms, being able to cover large areas and allowing a firm and controlled massage. With firm and pleasant maneuvers, harmonic movements almost to the sound of music, simulating the movement of the waves of the sea.

Introduction to “Lomi Lomi” Massage, Hawaiian or “Massage Dance”: Techniques and theory.

Theory and practice of massage in the different areas of application in supine, cranial facial, arms, and hands, anterior and foot lower limbs. In prone posterior lower limbs, back in all the musculature and paravertebral.

I consider massage to be the language of the hands, where we can move to unforgettable places with indescribable sensations and above all with this universal language we will be able to create unique moments with whom we can share this unique experience.

Sharing my professional experience is long since after the road traveled in innumerable experiences I can only say that I feel lucky to be a part of so many past moments.

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Lomi Lomi o Masaje Hawaiano “Danza del masaje”

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Guillermo Marín Aguilar

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