Ergonomics and support in deep tissue sports massage with soft ball or bolster


Euro Massage Masterclass Day 2024 – Rome
24 May 2024 14:00
to 24 February 2024 17:00
English, Français, German
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Ergonomics and support in deep tissue sports massage with soft ball or bolster


Intermediate and up

What you will learn

An innovative technique
– Acquisition of theoretical notions, gestures and postures on the massage table in order to practice powerfully while preserving yourself and without tiring.
– Master the fundamental maneuvers and specific techniques of Stark Ball Massage® made up of different maneuvers such as deep tissue, stretching and combined flexibility.
– Be able to build personalized sessions according to the specific needs of the client and adapt the practice: time, technique, depth, power and rhythm, choice of oils or creams.
– Identify and support the release of postural and emotional tensions to manage stress.
– Use of supports such as the ball or bolster: “Placed in strategic locations, they create muscular or even fasciatic tension. Normally, clients must be asked to move but this does not allow them to be totally relaxed. Thanks to these balloons, I can massage a muscle whose fibers are completely relaxed and therefore relieve muscle tension, relieve pain, restore elasticity and promote recovery.

The specificity of Stark Ball Massage is the use of soft balls, placed under certain joints, with the aim, depending on their placement, of stretching or relaxing a muscle during the massage. Placement under a joint facilitates passive mobilization of the joint in question and therefore a positive action on the tendons, ligaments and capsules.
Using the balloons allows me to choose the tension I want at the muscular, fasciatic, tendon and also skin level. So I can, for example, massage a muscle whose fibers are completely relaxed, therefore a soft muscle, this “myofascial release” will therefore allow me to relieve muscular tension, relieve pain, restore muscle elasticity and promote muscle recovery.
Stark Ball Massage being a deep tissue, it is practiced, depending on the desired depth, without oil in order to treat the fascia, which again will be either stretched or relaxed during the massage, with the aim of removing possible adhesions and restoring the flexibility and fluidity of the tissues affected by the movement, but also with creams or oils, depending on the technique you wish to apply.


1st hour: – Theories – Explanations – answers to questions –
2nd and 3rd hour: practice in pairs

Equipment you must bring

Bolster or small soft balls or small cushions – soft outfits – massage oils or butters and above all a lot of curiosity and desire to learn


From: 24 May 2024 14:00
To: 24 February 2024 17:00


Euro Massage Masterclass Day 2024 – Rome
Piazza Marconi, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

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